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Masterclass with TimiJay


Our course is designed to equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to achieve consistency in your sound and working method. You will learn how to set up your session and build a mixing framework, how to process vocals and drums, and how to mix bass and other instruments.

Plus, you’ll receive exclusive mixing presets and TimiJay’s actual mixing template (for all DAWs), valued at £169 each. Our course also includes a live in-class session where you’ll get to practice real-life edits.

But that’s not all! We’re currently offering a launch offer of N150,000 (a savings of 80% off the regular price of N500,000). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your mixing skills to the next level.

Register now and see the amazing results for yourself. Plus, we’ll add pictures of our registered students to our blog as proof of their success. Join us today!

Do you want to improve the sound of your mix as a music producer or aspiring sound engineer?

It’s TimiJay on the Track

Starting as a music producer/sound engineer wasn’t quite a smooth ride for me, getting materials, resources, and guidance was difficult. I’m looking to change the narrative for aspiring music producers and sound engineers both beginners and amateurs.

This has inspired me to start a one on one masterclass tagged “Mixing Deep Dive”.

The Only Class You Need To Mix Like A Pro; The Mixing Deep Dive will teach every element of mixing process that pro engineers use on a daily basis to achieve a consistent, quality sound for every mix and mind you most professionals won’t let you in on their secrets.

Here’s what you’d learn in the 9 module In-depth masterclass:

  • Mixing Mindset.
  • Mix Preparation.
  • Vocal Processing.
  • Drum Processing.
  • Low-End Processing.
  • Instrument Processing.
  • Buss Processing.
  • Mixing a 2nd Track – Start to Finish.
  • Marketing & Distribution.

You’d agree with me that this is very thorough and in-depth, very much everything you’d ever need as a music producer or sound engineer.

All these you’d learn in a Live In-class session – A practical session in the conference room with Real Life Edits.

That’s not all, you get bonuses of:

1. Easy to Follow Mixing Deep Dive

A repeatable process that you can use for every mix you start, You’ll be amazed at how professional your mixes sound when you apply these processes.

WORTH = £64

2. Exclusive Mixing Template

Get TimiJay’s actual MIXING Template

(for all DAWs).

WORTH = £169

3. Mixing Presets

You will get complete mixing presets created by Timijay. only available as part of this course.

WORTH = £169

It’s an amazing offer capped at 500,000 naira but we’re running an offer for 150,000 naira bonus inclusive.

Meet students that already registered for the masterclass already