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Mixing for Beginners

Mono and Stereo: what’s the difference?

Have you ever listened to a song and wondered why the vocals appear to come from one direction or a specific speaker while the instrumentation and the rest of the audio appear to come from another direction or speaker? Or have you wondered why some

Mixing and Mastering: Why it is important

Lately, Nigerian music and Afrobeats, in general, have been receiving serious recognition globally for their creativity, style of music, and hard work. A lot of these can be attributed to the quality of our music these days; music producers work tirelessly after recording sessions to

Headroom: Setting your levels in mixing and mastering

We’ve recently been covering the fundamentals of mixing and mastering that every beginner should understand. Today will be no exception, as we will be discussing “headroom.”  It’s “TimiJay on the Track.” If you’re new to music production, The term “headroom” might sound unfamiliar. However, understanding

Masterclass with TimiJay

Our course is designed to equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to achieve consistency in your sound and working method. You will learn how to set up your session and build a mixing framework, how to process vocals and drums, and how to

What’s so different about mixing and mastering?

Mixing and mastering are two very important processes in music production. These processes are often used alike, but they are different in approach, purpose, and result. It’s “TimiJay on the Track.” Understanding the difference between mixing and mastering is key for every beginner looking to

How To Cook Up A Demo – Step By Step

Making a demo is just as important as writing the song, I’m sure by now you’d agree with me, as we covered “What Is A Demo and Why Is It Important” in my last post. As we know, demoing is super useful in many ways,

Music Demo 101 – Why’s is it important

As with every other music industry niche, standards for demo tracks have risen so high that they are now mixed and mastered. But what exactly is a demo, and why is it so important? This two-part blog post will explore these questions and provide tips